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Claire's Kitchen

Cherry w/ Light Blue Resin Custom Snack Board 5" x 13.25"

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Introducing the ultimate snacking sidekick: Custom-Made Snack Cutting Boards by the woodworking wizards at Rose Island Cabinets, straight from the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California and made exclusively for Claire's Kitchen. These boards are more than just kitchen accessories – they're a testament to your dedication to both functionality and style.

Elevate your snacking game with the finest premium materials: Walnut, Cherry, or Maple. Each wood type offers a distinct character, from the rich warmth of Walnut to the timeless elegance of Cherry, and the natural charm of Maple. Hand-made for their durability and natural beauty, these woods ensure lasting quality that stands up to the demands of your kitchen adventures.

But the uniqueness doesn't stop there. These cutting boards are designed to be more than just tools – they are works of art. Available with three captivating resin colors: pristine White for a clean and modern feel, refreshing Green to evoke a sense of nature, or tranquil Light Blue for a soothing ambiance. Your new snack board will undoubtedly become a conversation starter in your kitchen.

Every board is a masterpiece, proudly bearing the distinctive Claire's Kitchen logo, laser-etched onto the surface. This emblem of excellence assures you that you're using a product of unmatched quality, sourced from the finest materials, and crafted with utmost care and attention to detail.

Whether you're whipping up a cheese and cracker masterpiece, crafting a veggie platter that's almost too pretty to eat, or simply indulging in a solo snack, these boards have got your back. They're sturdy enough to take your snack game to the next level by handling all your slicing and dicing adventures, but they are beautiful enough that you might just want to put them on display.

Unfortunately, these snack boards are only available in limited quantities, so don’t wait. Bring a touch of California craftsmanship into your home, and experience the harmonious blend of wood, resin, and artistry that only hand-made craftsmanship can offer.

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Cherry w/ Light Blue Resin Custom Snack Board 5" x 13.25"

Cherry w/ Light Blue Resin Custom Snack Board 5" x 13.25"

Regular price   $25.99 Sale price   $22.99

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