About Us

Welcome to Claire’s Kitchen, your place to go for all-natural small batch seasoning rubs and baking mixes. We are a family-owned business, founded with my talented kids, Liam and Claire. What started as simple cooking lessons quickly blossomed into a passion for creating flavorful and wholesome products.

Claire's Kitchen began with me teaching Claire and Liam how to cook. Over the course of a few years, we developed our own baking mixes, because we were not happy with the store bought options.

From those initial mixes, Boom Goes the Chocolate was born. From there we are expanding out into new baking mixes and our new line of seasoning rubs.

We have 2 main goals: Learn to cook & run a business and help feed people. Liam and Claire are both learning the cooking and business side by being involved in both. We help feed people by teaching people kitchen basics and sharing recipes as well as donating a portion of our sales and our time to local food banks and non-profits.