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Claire's Kitchen

Claire's Kitchen Seasoning Rub Variety Packs

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Introducing Claire's Kitchen Variety Packs: Elevate Your Seasoning Game!

Kitchen Essentials Pack: A must-have for every home chef, featuring:

  • Sweet Onion & Garlic (4.8oz): Perfect for adding depth of flavor to any dish.
  • Ranch (2.7oz): A versatile seasoning that adds a creamy and herby twist to your recipes. Wow everyone with easy homemade Ranch dip and dressing!
  • SPG (5.1oz): The classic trio for enhancing the taste of meats and vegetables. Perfect for anything you normally add salt & pepper to. 

Turn Up the Heat! Pack: For those who crave bold and spicy flavors, enjoy:

  • Caribbean Jerk (4.8oz): Transport your taste buds to the tropics with this fiery blend of spices.
  • Sriracha (6.1oz): Add a kick of heat and tanginess to your favorite dishes with this beloved condiment-inspired seasoning.
  • SPG+ Scotch Bonnet Peppers (4.9oz): An elevated version of the classic SPG with added HEAT to intensify your dishes.

Made for the Grill Pack: Perfect for grilling enthusiasts, featuring:

  • Traditional BBQ (5.5oz): Experience the smoky and sweet flavor of authentic barbecue right in your backyard.
  • CBRL Mud Rub Burger Seasoning (5.3oz): Elevate your burger game with this special blend designed to enhance the juiciness and flavor of your patties.
  • Espresso Chipotle (4.6oz): A unique fusion of rich espresso and smoky chipotle peppers, ideal for adding depth and complexity to grilled meats, wild game, and vegetables.

Enjoy a 20% savings compared to buying each seasoning individually at regular price. Unlock the full potential of your culinary creations without breaking the bank!

Elevate your cooking experience with Claire's Kitchen Variety Packs and unleash a world of delicious possibilities in every bite.

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Claire's Kitchen Seasoning Rub Variety Packs

Claire's Kitchen Seasoning Rub Variety Packs

Regular price   $29.97 Sale price   $23.99

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